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Vantaa grows now and in the future

Vantaa is Finland’s fastest growing city in terms of population and vacancies. The Aviapolis area in Vantaa is most developing business district in Finland. In order to maintain strong growth in the region, Vantaa will also bring together most important actors into one Aviation Academy. The Academy consist of vocational education institutions, polytechnics and universities which are providing training in the airport area to one Aviation Academy. Vantaa wants to raise its attractiveness as an city for international education. Aviation Academy boozts the development of Airport City Avaipolis.

Why Aviation Academy?

Goal is to built an internationally recognized institution for aviation and future mobility. There are currently several private and public educational institutions operating in Vantaa and training their own aviation programs at their own premises. Collaboration could bring significant synergies and a network of educational institutions would be the first step of cooperation towards the final goal – all actors operating under the same roof. One of the main challenges is to build a functional financing model for the Academy.

Vision and operating model

Vantaa is bringing to the same table all the actors and identifying their needs. The following actors are committed to the preparation work : Finavia, Finnair Cargo, Finnair Flight Academy, ANS Finland, Coptetsafety, Airport College Finland, Haaga-Helia Univeristy, Laurea University, Metroplia University, Varia, Careeria, Työtehoseura, Vantaan yrittäjät, Kauppakamari and  City of Vantaa.

Research report – a common vision and operating model will be ready in May 2019. The report is prepared by Anne Koppatz and Pekka Polvinen from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and Professor Jari Stenvall. They are interviewing different actors and preparing a report on the common vision and operating model.

Aviation Academy operations starts

Recruitment of Aviation Academy Project Manager is currently going on. The Project Manager shall start in May 2019 and she/he will be responsible for

  • Designs the Aviation Academy’s offering
  • Creates a business plan, budget and launches the Aviation Academy operations
  • Builds up a research network to support the Aviation Academy
  • Responsible for project communication


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