Call for a new, smart commuting solution in Aviapolis, Vantaa

Submit your tender about carpool service by 5 August 2019


City of Vantaa is looking for a new, smart commuting solution to a trial run in Aviapolis business district area. The trial run focuses on accessibility of Aviapolis area for employees.  Location at the cross roads of transportation has made the area large and most rapidly growing business district. It is one of the big concentrations of jobs in the Capital City region. During the next decades the Aviapolis area is developed strongly.

The trial run seeks increasing the utilization rates of the personal vehicles already in use in the area. During trial run a shared ride / carpool service will be developed and tested, directed at Aviapolis area employees. Ride sharing / shared rides service will transport employees heading to the same direction with a carpool. The objective is to make commuting easier with an alternative and complementary service / solution and with less emissions. During the trial run there will be gathered user experiences and information regarding the possibilities of ride sharing / shared rides services in the area in the future. Duration of the trial run is 3 months and starts in September 2019 at the latest.

The service

  • gives the opportunity to request and offer a ride
  • is free of charge for the users during the trial period
  • usable on a telephone / mobile device (Android and IOS)
  • is in Finnish language, English is optional
  • the target group is employer companies / employees in the Aviapolis area
  • takes into consideration questions related to the users’ security and identification


The solution will be developed in cooperation with both companies and users. The implementer will be responsible for the upkeep and updates of the solution during the whole trial run period. The implementer of the trial run will gather and report user feedback during the trial run.


Submit your tender by 12 o’clock on 5 August 2019 in the Cloudia procurement system either on Finnish or English.

The procurement is being realized as a part of the Last Mile project. New, smart market-driven transportation solutions, services, and business models for the use of residents, commuters and tourists are sought, developed and tried out in the project. Last mile receives funding from the European Regional Development Fund as a part of the Six City Strategy. The project runs 2017 – 2019.

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