Five million euros for growth-supporting corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Vantaa has received EU financing worth €4 million for a project that supports businesses growth and competitiveness by increasing their employees’ competence levels. The city and its partners will finance the project with a million euros.

The number of jobs with low educational requirements is high, and poorly-trained workforce constitutes a risk to the local economy and businesses’ competitiveness. Vantaa aims to improve businesses’ competitiveness as regards digital transformation, as well as to adapt a smart automation model that will combine business growth and corporate social responsibility. Companies that enhance the competence of their employees without degree will be supported financially.

The model is tailored for labor-intensive and IT companies that employ people whose know-how levels need upgrading. A total of 200 new jobs will arise and altogether 700 people will participate in training during the project. The EU’s financial assistance will cover costs arising from employee training.

“I am especially happy that all essential actors—higher education institutions and research institutes, businesses, the chamber of commerce, as well as the city’s different departments—are committed to preparing and implementing the project,” says Mayor Ritva Viljanen. “Financing is highly competed, so we can say that Vantaa has entered the group of innovative European cities.”

The City of Vantaa coordinates the project whose partners consist of Metropolia and Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (Etla), and PT (Employers of the Service Sector). The following businesses participate in the project: ISS, Infocare, Solteq, Vantti, and FinnairCargo. Each participant is committed to its own payment share. The city’s input will amount to around €372 000, the share of each of the universities of applied sciences will be around €217 000, while the companies’ share will total €192 000.


Urban Innovation Action financing is based on implementing the EU’s Urban Agenda where project themes are derived from Urban Agenda and the European Commission is directly applied for financing. Annual application in 2015-2020 where only cities can act as main applicants. The maximum duration of a project is three years and the budget may not exceed five million euros, of which 80% can be covered by ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) financing. The selection criteria consist of innovativeness, partnership, result measurability, and transferability.

Further information:

Director of Business Development Jose Valanta, tel. +35850 5231116

Employment Services Director Timo Saari, tel. +35843 8271061

Public Relations Manager Laura Parsama, tel. +35850 318162

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