This page offers all the contact information, people and places in Vantaa that you may need. Whatever your questions or queries about entrepreneurship, we are here to help you. You can get in touch with Business Development Centre Leija either by calling us on Businessvantaa Info tel. +358 9 839 20000, using the form that is provided here below, or you can look for an expert here below who is the right person to answer your question in particular.

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Entrepreneurship-related advisory services have been brought together under one roof at Vantaa Business Development Centre Leija.  At Leija, you will find, e.g., Business Development Services of the City of Vantaa, EnterpriseVantaa, the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, Vantaa Entrepreneurs and the Public Employment and Business Services Centre (TE Services).

Leija is located at Elannontie 3, 01510 Vantaa.

Do get in touch with us by calling us on Businessvantaa Info tel. +358 9 839 20000, or by using the form herein, and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Alternatively, you can search for an expert below to answer your question.


EnterpriseVantaa offers professional and confidential assistance, free of charge, with all questions that are related to starting a business and developing a business. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Marketta Korhonen Managing Director 010 423 2322 E-Mail
Laura Manner-Raappana Business Advisor 010 423 2321 E-Mail
Irene Matinpalo Business Advisor (customers with an immigrant background, languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian) 040 922 0364 E-Mail
Sari Söderlund Business Advisor 010 423 2323 E-Mail
Juuso Markkanen Business Advisor (advisory services for active businesses) 010 423 2320 E-Mail


Esa Mänttäri Managing Director / Vantaa Entrepreneurs (supervision of interests, partners) 0400 557 411 E-Mail
Tiina Lempinen Public Relations / Vantaa Entrepreneurs (public relations) 010 322 1720 E-Mail
Katja Teräs Coordinator / Vantaa Entrepreneurs (membership issues, young entrepreneurs) 010 322 1722 E-Mail
Ari Tulensalo Director / Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, Vantaa Office 09 2286 0371, 0400-909500 E-Mail
Esko Valkeala Regional Mentor and Business Mentor / Finnish Business Mentors (capital region) 050 586 22 88 E-Mail


The Recruitment Services professionals help your company in finding the right workforce. We are looking forward to your telephone call!

Public Employment and Business Services Centre (TE Services) Business Customers 0295 040 002 (klo 9.00–16.15) E-Mail
Heli Okkonen Service Supervisor / Yritysohjaamo 043 826 8770 E-Mail
Anette Hagström Coordinator / Yritysohjaamo 043 824 9979 E-Mail


Do you need information of training services? Contact us for more information!

Anne Heinonen Head of Adult Education / VARIA - Apprenticeship and Work Life Services 040 524 1242 E-Mail
Inga Hildén Adult Education Secretary / VARIA - Apprenticeship and Work Life Services 050 318 1697 E-Mail
Jenina Härkönen Adult Education Secretary / VARIA – Apprenticeship and Work Life Services 050 310 5826 E-Mail


The Vantaa Development Services are at your service. Please contact us for more information!

Ronny Rantamäki Project Specialist / Ecosystems of Growth 043 827 2239 E-Mail
Kaisa Ahonen Project Manager / Ecosystems of Growth 040 193 2177 E-Mail
Mirka Järnefelt Senior advisor 040 125 8535 E-Mail
Mariliinu Ahlström Project Manager +358438252704 E-Mail
Anu Peltola Project Manager / Last Mile +358 50 555 1266 E-Mail
Suvi Häkämies Managing Director / Greennet Finland (project services, networking services, training) 050 331 1495 E-Mail
Evilina Lutfi Business Development Director, Russia / Green Net Finland 050 436 2661 E-Mail E-Mail
TEAM FINLAND Team Finland Service Number 0295 020 510 E-Mail
Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre) Switchboard 0295 021 000 E-Mail
Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (TEKES) Development and Innovation Funding for Companies E-Mail


In Vantaa, there are business facilities for your company. Please contact us, and we will find them for you.

Jose Valanta Director of Business Development / Vantaa +358 50 523 1116 E-Mail
Kimmo Viljamaa Business Development Manager / Vantaa +358 40 769 6538 E-Mail
Lotta Björn (on parental leave) Planner / Vantaa E-Mail
Jukka Antila Managing Director / VTK Facilities Oy 050 331 1223 E-Mail


There are sites in Vantaa. Please contact us, and we will find one for your company together!

Antti Kari Director of Real Estate and Housing +358 40 568 6540 E-Mail
Armi Vähä-Piikkiö Site Manager +358 40 733 7447 E-Mail
Jari Sainio Site Agent +358 40 041 9676 E-Mail
Heikki Virkkunen Project Manager (Tikkurila, Korso, Myyrmäki, Martinlaakso, Koivukylä) +358 40 830 8131 E-Mail
Gilbert Koskela Project Manager (Kivistö ) +358 50 312 1915 E-Mail
Arja Lukin Project Manager (Aviapolis, Hakunila ) +358 43 825 3621 E-Mail
Land Use, Building and Environmental Department Customer Services 09 8392 2242 E-Mail


We will help you grow and go global!

Esa Rantanen Head of Office, CIIIC Jinan-Vantaa Office 0400 428 936 E-Mail
Enterprise Europe Network Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce 09 228 601 E-Mail
TEAM FINLAND / Team Finland Service Number 0295 020 510 E-Mail
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