Vantaa is vibrant and growing. Its population is the fourth-highest in Finland. Vantaa is an international growth centre, and many indicators show that it is at the forefront of development: the best, the fastest, and the most dynamic. Vantaa is number one in generating jobs, and holds one of the leading positions in internal migration in the country. Aviapolis, the most fast-growing business area in Finland, is the engine that drives the economy of Vantaa and the rest of the country.

As a business city, Vantaa is innovative, inspiring and international. Its aim is to be the most business-oriented city in Finland. In Vantaa, businesses are given a good start, they grow and they evolve. The unique location and accessibility of Vantaa attract ambitious companies and skilled workforce to the region. There are currently more than 10 000 companies in Vantaa offering more than 100 000 jobs.

Vantaa works hard every day in order for companies to thrive. Read why Vantaa is the best choice for you and your company, and join the success story!

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In Vantaa, no entrepreneur is left alone. The business services that are offered by a multitude of operators create a strong network that supports the entrepreneur.
Vantaa business services have been brought together under one roof, at Business Development Centre Leija. Leija is located near shopping centre Jumbo at Elannontie 3. At Leija you will find, amongst others, Vantaa Business Services, EnterpriseVantaa, the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce and Vantaa Entrepreneurs. Leija services cover all of the stages of a business lifecycle. Leija is, indeed, a very unique concept in Finland.

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VANTAA has number one accessibility

The central location within the traffic network in Finland is a specific asset to Vantaa. Helsinki Airport is a growing logistic hub for international traffic, and also a gate between the East and the West. 16 000 000 passengers visit Helsinki Airport every year, and 90% of the air traffic in Finland is to and from Helsinki Airport. Tikkurila Travel Centre DIXI is the second-busiest train station in Finland, and trains run through it to e.g. Russia. The Ring Rail Line that opened in 2015 links the various areas in Vantaa, the airport and central Helsinki with each other.

Business facilities and sites are located within reach of good traffic connections, in the vicinity of the major highways and within reach of public transport. The Aviapolis major area has been the most appealing business-facility area in the entire capital region for the past decade. During this time, more than 90 000 kem of business facilities have been built. Only the Helsinki Southern Major District comes close to this. Vantaa offers exceptionally lots of space for new construction. The city plan enables the construction of more than an additional 5 million floor square metres of business facilities, half of which will be located in the emerging Ring Rail Line station areas.

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why vantaa
why vantaa
why vantaa


Vantaa attracts skilled workforce, and the degree of job self-sufficiency in Vantaa has already increased to more than 107 percent. There are currently more than 100 000 jobs, and the number of jobs is constantly increasing. It is predicted that in 2020, there will be as many as 50 000 jobs in the Aviapolis area alone.

The City of Vantaa Yritysohjaamo helps companies find skilled workforce. Yritysohjaamo offers companies and other employers free-of-charge services that help bring employers and employees together.

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One of Vantaa’s unbeatable assets is its wide-ranging economic structure. Commercial sector is the most significant individual sector in addition to services, construction, storage and logistics. Indeed, Vantaa can be called the trade capital of Finland. Industry has a long history in Vantaa, and in addition to industrial plants Vantaa features various other business clusters. For instance, several international high-ranking operators are located in Vantaankoski and Aviapolis, whereas Vehkala is well on its way to becoming the next major business area that will be able to offer as many as 10 000 jobs.

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why vantaa
why vantaa
why vantaa
why vantaa


Vantaa is also a good and safe place to live. The nearby nature and vast forest areas, the top-quality living environments, and good services all contribute to good living. The older neighbourhoods are developed together with the residents, and a sense of a local and active community is strong in Vantaa. Vantaa is also one of the most international cities in Finland with more than 100 different languages spoken. The City offers its multicultural population extremely good services.

Vantaa is constantly growing and developing. Its older neighbourhoods are becoming more compact, and the new areas will have their own distinctive characteristics. For instance, the Housing Fair 2015 area in Kivistö will in future be a modern, new centre of the capital region, and Leinelä, located along the Ring Rail Line, offers comfortable living that is generated through a dialogue between nature and art. The Aviapolis area, which is known for the jobs that it offers, features housing options that suit various tastes. Get acquainted with, e.g. the colourful garden district of Kartanonkoski. The administrative centre of Vantaa, Tikkurila, continues its growth, and new housing is being built in the area. The older districts Myyrmäki, Martinlaakso, Korso and Koivukylä are becoming more urban-like and more comfortable.

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