Are you looking for workforce for your company? Contact the Public Employment and Business Services Centres (TE Office) recruitment services when you are looking for an employee.

You can also get help from the City of Vantaa Yritysohjaamo that offers companies and other employers free-of-charge services with which companies can apply for recruitment support and subsidies, and find the right type of workforce. Additionally, Yritysohjaamo helps to organize recruitment events, training events and group coaching. Please get in touch and ask for more information on

 Alternatively, you can also recruit employees who are suitable for your company from abroad. The Eures European Job Mobility Portal offers a meeting place for the European employer and employee.

English language websites, such as Jobs in Vantaa, that has listings for jobs in Vantaa in English, are also worthy considering, when you want to search and attract talents from beyond borders.

LinkedIn networking site is one of the most utilized social media platforms, that gathers both the talents and companies to the same place, and which is regularly used by recruiters.

The Jobs @ Aviapolis website is where employees and employers of the Aviapolis area meet. This is where to post your ad and reach out to professionals  (in Finnish only).

The Vantaa Laurea students cooperate with the labour market, and Laurea may be the place to find exactly the right future employee whom you are looking for! Vocational college Varia also works actively in co-operation with businesses in the area.

Employment Subsidies

The City of Vantaa offers various forms of employment subsidies. Additional subsidy Valtti encourages companies to hire the long-term unemployed. Organizations can also apply for additional subsidies in order to hire the unemployed. The City of Vantaa grants employers summer job vouchers towards young people’s summer jobs. Yritysohjaamo offers more information on all of these forms of subsidies. Please ask for more information on

Applications for employment subsidies can also be made to the Public Employment and Business Services Centre (TE services). A salary subsidy makes it easier to hire a new employee.

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Find and emplyee Vantaa
Find and emplyee Vantaa
Find and emplyee Vantaa

When graduating from Laurea, I did my final project for a particular company, commissioned by that company. The results of my project were used directly to develop the company’s operations. It was rewarding to do practical research work that I knew would really be of use. In addition to this, I actually found employment with the same company! – Jannika, 29.

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