Stopover Guide service in Vantaa in the summer

Fourteen Vantaa businesses will participate in a trial, beginning on June 3, 2019, that entices travelers stopping in Vantaa to familiarize themselves with the local attractions with the help of the Stopover Guide service. The service aims to provide visitors with information on Vantaa’s tourist services, their locations, and traffic connections to various sites. The key features of the trial are the time available and the accessibility of the site by different modes of transport, based on which
travelers can search for experiences most suitable for and interesting to them.
Tietotemput Oy is implementing the 5-month Stopover Guide trial.

“Our experience in maps and our wish to favor public transportation motivated us to devise a solution for Vantaa tourism enterprises. The service is produced by utilizing our own map platform, which has aroused a lot of interest among many tourism operators,” says Tietotemput Oy’s CEO Teemu Joensuu. The following Vantaa tourism enterprises will participate in the trial: restaurant Backas, Fazer Experience Visitor Centre, Flamingo Leisure World, Jumbo Shopping Centre, The Church of St. Lawrence, café Kahvitupa Laurentius, Kuusijärvi outdoor recreation area, indoor park SuperPark, the Finnish Science Centre Heureka, the Aviation Museum, Virtual Reality Park Pikseli, event restaurant Kuninkaan Lohet, and BowlCircus bowling centre.

“We believe that the Stopover Guide service will bring us lots of customers among tourists. We are the only company in the metropolis that offers virtual experiences,” tells Mirka Löfman, operative director of Pikseli Arcade.

“Tourism has a good potential for growth, and the new generation travelers are used to online transacting. The Stopover Guide service offers its users interesting contents and extra visibility to tourist attractions. We hope that stopover travelers will also find our visitor center with the help of the service,” says Anu Kokko, director of Fazer Experience Visitor Centre.

“We have brainstormed with Vantaa tourism enterprises to generate ideas for the Last Mile trials. The Last Mile trials provide businesses with valuable data and allows them to test service functionality in practice,” tells City of Vantaa Business Development Services’ project manager Anu Peltola.

The Stopover Guide trial is part of the 6Aika Last Mile project that seeks and tests new kinds of mobility services, as well as solutions for travelers, residents and commuters in Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa. The European Regional Development Fund (The ERDF) finances the project as part of the 6Aika strategy.

Explore and see a video about service.

Further information:
Mira Rajalakso, project specialist
Business Development Services, City of Vantaa,
tel. +35843825927

Teemu Joensuu, CEO, Tietotemput Oy,
tel. +358503739997.

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