Euro Scalers Demo day 25th May 2021 klo 13-14:30

Euro Scalers internationalization program hosted 10 companies to learn how to expand to European markets.
After 10 spring weeks of intensive work to get your first European customers, the companies now have the opportunity to share their overall progress from the program. The open Demo day event on 25th in May 2021 showcases the companies sharing the best practices in lead prospecting and how to make the first steps for customer negotiations.
You are welcome to update your market-entry competencies and build internationalization networks for growth companies.
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13:00-13:10 Intro words
13:10-14:00 All teams are interviewed, sharing their results and best lessons learned from their internationalization experiences
14:00-14:20 Open Questions and Answers
14:20-14:30 Ending thoughts


Rasmus Basilier


Work Pilots
Auntie Solutions
Kausal Oy
Made in Finland Oy
Uute Scientific
Valaa Technologies
Kook Management
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