Global-EU women entrepreneurs and innovators in Health sector event April, 27th

We are inviting everyone interested in the topic of female entrepreneurship to join an inspiring online seminar to hear the latest news on Finnish Health Tech female ecosystem and support the Global bottom up StartUpCities initiative part of European Innovation Arena.  About StartUpCities, read more here

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Opening event April 27th 12-13.30 CET

We welcome everyone interested in the topic of female entrepreneurship, Health and high-level mentoring.

To register, click here. Deadline to register by April 22th.

  • Opening and Introduction, Ritva Viljanen, Mayor of Vantaa
  • Global StartupCities Women Action Plan 2021, StartupCities Vantaa & Cologne
  • Introduction to Finnish health startup ecosystem, Eeva Salminen, Director, Business Finland
  • Why global-EU Mentoring? Taryn Andersen CEO & Co-Founder, impulse4women
  • Q&A

To register for the opening event, click here

May 26th & 27th  

100 women in health entrepreneurship mentored, online  (Only for selected founders)

Application for mentoring, here

May 31st 

Follow-up event, online (Only for selected founders, TBA)





Female Entrepreneurship

Why mentoring the women in Health sector is it so important? First, there are still steeper uphill for women founders. Only 15,5 % of founders in Europe are women. Secondly, a specialized field like healthcare, demands more background know-how and practical tips that require a lot of learning by doing, failing, and succeeding to master. We want to create more startup-entrepreneurs in each StartUpCity and to foster the exciting ones under the umbrella of the historic and pioneer bottom-up #EiA – European innovation Area impulse among others by cities, villages, and remote areas.

The event / seminar is organized by StartUpCity Vantaa and the coalition of six Finnish cities, 6Aika growth Ecosystem -project

The high-level mentoring program is implemented by Impulse4women (implementation leader for women at the bottom-up #EiA – European innovation Area).


The Global StartUpCities is an initiative behind the pioneer bottom-up #EiA – European innovation Area. This bottom-up movement focuses on innovations outside big hubs, with focus on young people, women, and talent as it continues to widen up the initiative, securing the future success of innovation in Europe and globally, to achieve a top-down ’European innovation Area’ with the bottom-up #EiA as one of its pillars.




For details: Susanah Aalto, Growth Services,  The City of Vantaa

TEL: +358 (0)40 186 0591



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