Santa’s Christmas Pitch – What Startup Wants for Christmas?

Santa’s Christmas Pitch is an exciting free online event for the startup ecosystem to connect in a Christmas spirit. Finnish startups pitching to local and international investors. A virtual Christmas Party with surprises. Add networking, workshops and round tables for the next day and we have a nice recipe. Put December 15th and 16th into your calendar!


Finnish startups, if you are looking to raise funding, apply now to pitch. We will select the most interesting ones to give a 3min pitch and get instant feedback from investors on Tuesday Dec 15th. And for every completed application there will be a 5€ donation to our charity target.

Sign up for free here. Apply to pitch here.  Check out Santa’s website for latest updates!

The event is organized by ArcticStartup in partnership with Newco Helsinki, HBH, Startup Foundation and Finnish Medical Foundation.

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