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Turbiini 10-week sprint is aimed at individuals (searching for a team(, entrepreneurs and students who are looking for an opportunity to make their ideas happen, turn them into a venture or get exposed to hands-on design, business or developer activities as a team member.

Throughout the intensive sprint in spring 2018, you will learn how to apply to systematic methods to possibly build a repeatable and scalable business with an emphasis of understanding the customers and users. In addition you will grasp evidence-based entrepreneurship approaches and principles.

In the upcoming batch we now seek for, especially, individuals and teams that have a VR/AR or gaming related passion and ideas and who want to expand their skills related to these new exciting fields. If you study design, culture, 3D animation or other creative degree programme, we are highly interested to get you to attend the 10-week sprint!

For Individuals and Entrepreneurs

As a participant, you can benefit in the following ways. Firstly, build up a new Sprint Project based on your idea and gather a team around it. Secondly, if you don’t want to take the full ownership, but you want to be part of a core team bringing your expertise into it, you can join an existing team, that already has a business idea.

For Students

As a student, you can benefit in various ways. Firstly, you can earn credits from the Entrepreneurship or Elective course (10 ECT). Secondly, it is possible to write your thesis during the Sprint when you base thesis on a 10-Week Sprint (15 ECT). Lastly, if other aforementioned options have been completed, you can get great work-life experience while building a startup as a founder or team member (15 ECT / 3 months).

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