A high tech twist to agrarian roots – caucO

caucO produces remote monitoring solutions for grain dryers. Their products are developed for easy install and use. This is important especially in the farming business, because the farmers have a lot of things to do during the harvest season and monitoring the dryers remotely saves a lot of time and effort compared to old methods. Lifetime of a grain dryer can be four or even five decades. The possibilities of remote monitoring offer 20th century usability for old systems. The services already tested and validated with more than hundred users in four years and more is still coming.

caucO’s solutions are also easily added to whatever previous technology is used, so it’s also cost-effective and easy to implement. This makes the solution interesting also in urban environment, because it can be easily applied to real estate management or food production like bakeries and malt roasteries. Many cities also have plenty of rural environments, for example in the city of Vantaa you can find over 4000 hectares of farming land. The city itself owns around 800 hectares of it and also farms almost half of it.  So, bringing an agrarian solution to an urban tech program is not as surprising as you could first think!


What has the growth program given to caucO so far? 

”The Urban Tech growth program can help caucO to find new contacts for the international and also domestic market”, says Teemu Arvonen, CEO.  These contacts then can develop into new ways to bring the product to new markets, for example in any line of industry where finding added value to production is the key.


Check out caucO´s short introduction video here.







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This article belongs to a series presenting participants of Urban Tech Growth Program 2020 in Vantaa, Finland. The growth program is organized by 6Cities Ecosystems of Growth project in the Business Development Services of the city of Vantaa.

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