Urban Tech is the solution for cities – international markets ahead

The city of Vantaa is the fastest growing city in Finland, partially thanks to the attraction of the Helsinki metropolitan region. It is now a home of almost a quarter million citizens.  

The city has long been known as a hub for logistics companies due to its excellent connections via air, land and rail. Typical businesses were in the fields of logistics, industrial manufacturing and trade.  


Now Vantaa has become an ideal location for a new kind of business. Investments in infrastructure, land assignments and social co-creation have brought in many new industries. Especially the Helsinki Airport area, Aviapolis, is a growing hub for innovative tech companies and other Knowledge Intensive Business Services and the leading force of Vantaa’s growth. This is accelerating the City of Vantaa to become a forerunner also in Climate Change Action. The Roadmap for Resource Wisdom is a guiding strategy for the city organization, including city-owned companies. Circular Economy has also a central role in the business development of allkey clusters in Vantaa. 


All this means that Vantaa is an ideal spot to find solutions for many challenges the urban world faces: transportationsustainable food systems, land use, air quality, housing, recycling. This is the reason the 6 Cities Ecosystems of Growth project, ongoing in the city’s business development services, is now offering a growth program for Urban Tech companies during summer and autumn 2020. Eight companies that solve the challenges of urbanization are prepared to take their business international. With the help of seasoned startup and international sales veterans of Nordic Startup Ventures, they go through an intensive coaching program and prepare a pitch deck and sales materials. The program ends with a Demo Day in October when the progress and the product are presented to mentors, investors and stakeholders. 


BusinessVantaa, 6Cities Ecosystems of Growth, and Nordic Startup Ventures invite all interested partners to Urban Tech Demo Day on October 29th in Vantaankoski, Finland! Save the date, details will follow 

Program’s first live session was held in Aug 20 in Ravintola Backas, Vantaa.

People from left to right: Pauli Tarna / SmartWatcher, Teemu Terttunen / Bout, Kaisa Ahonen / City of Vantaa, Kirill Zelenski / Intellectual Farms, Petra Vaisalo / Finn-ID, Sirkku Alaluusua / City of Vantaa, Tomi Terentjeff, Nordic Startup School, Teemu Arvonen / caucO, Juha Martinmaa 360Kuvapalvelu, Aki Luukkainen / Nordic Startup School.


Learn more about the companies:

  • 360 Kuvapalvelu
  • Biila (coming soon)
  • Bout (coming soon)
  • caucO
  • Finn-ID
  • Intellectual Farms (coming soon)
  • Kotopro (coming soon)
  • Smartwatcher (coming soon)

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