Webinar on EU funding for small and medium-sized enterprises 29.9.2020 at 10-13

All entrepreneurs and business advisors, welcome to join our open webinar to learn about different EU funding opportunities for SMEs. You will hear what different kinds of activities and projects are funded by the EU and how to apply for them as well as real life best practices on succeeding in getting EU funding.

We have speakers from European Commission, Enterprise Europe Network, Johanna Marin-Hyppönen, Business Finland, Kaisa Ainala and Sensible4, Timo Mustonen – a success story of a startup receiving EU funding. You will have time to ask questions from our experts and also receive information on how and where to get support and more information for your enterprise.

Join the webinar here:

Microsoft Teams meeting


No registration needed.

Specific themes include:

  • Advice on legal and internationalization matters
  • Support in finding international cooperation partners (Matchmaking events and Partnership Opportunities Database)
  • Advice on EU funding possibilities
  • SME feedback services
  • Innovation Expert services (service package for companies investing in development and innovations)
  • Information through seminars, newsletters, web page and Twitter
  • EU funding for research and innovation


We warmly welcome you to join our webinar,

City of Espoo & Ecosystems of Growth -team


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